Have a Seat! 5 Awesomely Affordable Dining Chairs

Let’s face it, dining room chairs are expensive. If you are the patient type you can squirrel your money away and save up for the perfect set. However, if you are like me and you want instant gratification, it means finding something affordable that is also stylish, of decent quality, and comfortable. I know, I’m needy (and cheap). Well, here are 5 awesomely affordable dining chairs that in my opinion, fill quite the tall order.

Dining Chairs

  1. TOBIAS chair, Ikea, $79.99 – Available in clear or gray, but I love the sleekness of the smoked gray… to me there is something a little more sophisticated and modern about it.
  2. Threshold Carey Collection, Target, $95.99 set of 2 – Available in a variety of colors (shown above). The cross detailing on the chair back is just different enough to be interesting, and the simplicity means the chair fits in with just about any decorating style you have.
  3. Carlisle Dining Chair, Target, $99.99 set of 2 – Available in copper, distressed metal, or red salsa. This fun and modern chair is perfect for those that like to entertain or need something kid friendly – it can be easily cleaned by wiping with a damp cloth.
  4. Scoop-Back Chair, West Elm, $198 set of 2 – Available in white, chocolate, or marbleized. I adore the marbleized pattern on this classic scoop-back chair. It elevates the design and makes it feel a little more high-end than it actually is (don’t worry, it will be our little secret)
  5. Slide Aqua Wood Chair, CB2, $129 – If you want to make a statement, this bright, bold chair is the way to go. With a modern aesthetic, this chair was designed with compact spaces and comfort in mind.


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