Book Review: Alberto Pinto Orientalism

Alberto Pinto OrientalismI was rifling through some of my books the other day and I came across one of my all time favorites for design inspiration – Alberto Pinto’s Orientalism. The book is full of images of Pinto’s genius take on Eastern interior design, “inspired by the colors and textures of Morocco, Byzantium, India, and beyond.”

This book is a visual feast that nourishes the part of my soul that craves all things exotic and Eastern. Included are opulent interiors located in Europe, the Mid East, and North Africa that feature sumptuous materials, exquisitely intricate details, and rich, decadent colors, all with a modern aesthetic.

“The key to Orientalism according to Alberto Pinto is observation. For example, the gaze of Western culture which once it has discovered the Orient and has fallen under its fascination, sets about to interpret it, to play with transcultural aesthetics.”

Alberto Pinto OrientalismAlberto Pinto
Alberto Pinto OrientalismAlberto Pinto

Beyond the photographs, a beautifully written forward provides a glimpse into Alberto Pinto’s approach to Orientalism design, and each project featured in the book is accompanied by vivid descriptions of the interiors.

Alberto Pinto OrientalismAlberto Pinto
Alberto Pinto OrientalismAlberto Pinto

“Often Alberto Pinto’s interiors cultivate a very literary Orientalism… which teemed with innumerable references and subtle dis-synchronizations.”

Alberto Pinto OrientalismAlberto Pinto

Although the price of this coffee table book has apparently gone up since I purchased it about 5 years ago, I still feel it’s worth the cost. Even after all these years I still love slowly grazing through the images, delighted by the visual journey each and every time.

**UPDATE** I finally found a site that is selling this book for it’s list price of 75 USD!! Check it out here.


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