Travelogues: Dreaming about Spain

The cold and snowy February we had here in Chicago has left me with quite a case of cabin fever. Unfortunately we don’t have any trips planned until my twin sister’s wedding in Florida in June, so this post is purely self-indulgent escapism for me.  And as the title of this post implies, I’ve been dreaming of sunny and warm Spain. So here are a few of my favorite pics from my husband’s and my travels to Granada and Barcelona.








{Antoni Gaudi}


Funny story – we actually visited the Sagrada Familia (images above) twice, because the first day, after we had finally made our way inside the church, the camera broke. And H-E-double hockey sticks NO was I going to leave that place without some pictures. So after my worthy-of-a-two-year-old tantrum, my husband offered that we go find us a new camera and return the next day. On the up side, I was able to use my Spanish to actually converse with a mall worker and purchase a new digital camera. On the down side, I’m sure my husband is still feeling twangs of embarrassment years later. Poor Erik.




{Olympic Village}


All right – back to reality and the mushy snow outside. At least the daydream was nice while it lasted.



One thought on “Travelogues: Dreaming about Spain

  1. Francine Jewett

    We want to go to Spain. I found out my father’s family came from there in the Middle Ages, a small town that still has the medieval Jewish quarter and of course want to go to Granada and Barcelona. I dream about Paris on snowy days. I know how that is.


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